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All your parking needs online

 Read about how to post your (s) parking (s) in Mowiz

First, you MUST have a professional account. If you don't, yo can see here how to create it in a few clicks.

Once logged in Mowiz , click on the link my parking that is at the top menu bar, and then press "New Parking" , to see the following screen:

Step 1 Posting a public carpark: basic data

Now you just have to enter the requested information - specified below - to describe your carpark and press Post Parking at the end of the form.
At least, the parking name and address is required. All other information is optional but we recomend you to insert as much information as you have

The carpark description is classified into 5 blocks.

Note: The two blocks of information related to the booking settings will be only visible when you have completed the information block Reservation settings and once indicated that your parking is bookable. Meanwhile the reservation parameters are hidden and only 3 information sections are visible, as shown in the previous image

  1. Carpark basic data

    You will be able to specify the following information

    - Carpark name and contact information (phone number, email, fax, etc ...).
    - Maximum height, opening hours and the time zone where the carpark operates.

    - Carpark location

    - Accesses to the car park - vehicle, pedestrian and disabled accesses - that will be shown in the area map around your parking.

    - Landmarks and partners: Use our interactive tool to add points of interest or partners with whom you may have a trade agreement. Check the box 'associated business' and describe, if you wish, the agreement (eg 'first hour free at Macey's restaurant ')

    - Occupancy level: If your garage has an management system, you can provide its real-time occupancy level in Aparcalia. To set up this service, see our help , how to set the information service of real-time parking occupancy.

    - Internal reference field: If you have several parkings, your internal reference code will be of used to manage some features, including displaying real-time information in our website.

    - Teaser . A free text of 150 characters, that will be shown in the parking price comparator, is available to sum up or highlight your parking services and promotions.

    - Parking Description In addition, you can fill in a free text field, that will be shown in the parking page, with enough space to describe the parking facilities and services

    - Segmenting demand Here you will be able to classify your parking according to one or more demand categories, such as, for instance, airport , hotel , long stay and perhaps events

    - Type of parking spaces Finally, specify how many spaces your car park has for each vehicle category such as motorcycle, cars, bus, caravans or lorries.

  2. Services and Photos

    Mark from the list, the services offered by your car park

    The selected services will be highlighted in blue background.

    You can upload a logo for the parking, a main photo and a location map describing how to get to your car park.

    You may add up to 8 additional pictures, preferably in JPG format. Please, do not upload large photos, because it takes a long time and a it is a waste of time: all photos will be automatically resized to a maximum size of 600x600px

    Step 1 Posting a public carpark: Services and Photos

  3. Reservations settings

    Our booking engine lets you set many parameters for a seamless and full automation of booking processes.

    - Phone numbers: Indicate your reservation phone number
    - Web page: If you have your own web page for bookings, you can also specify it.

    - Car park description and instructions: You can specify in several text fields the parking description as well as the instructions for customers
    about the booking process (how to get there, what to do on arrival, etc) . and a summary for the booking confirmation email.

    - Notifications frequency: You can also choose how often you would like to receive bookings for your car park in your e-mail .

    - Set the required fields to issue a reservation: You can also select what data, mandatory or optional, are required from users to confirm a reservation.

    - Cross-selling and additional services: Finally, specify and describe other services offered by your parking, such as car wash, car servicing, etc and their price.

    Step 1 Posting a public carpark: Reservations settings

  4. Opening hours and Calendar

    In this section you will be able to: 
    - Sets the maximum daily occupancy to sell in our website.

    - Edit the calendar availability for reservations
    - Define your different service hours. Car park opening hours, Customer Service hours, shuttle service hours. Different business rules, such as minimun notice for bookings, can be set depending on your opening hours.

    This will help you to automize your business rules saving you time and cost.

  5. Parking fares

    In this section you will be able to:

    Define several parking fares such as the basic rates curve and promotional rates. Our booking engine will let you establish many different pricing strategies depending on: the stay, booking in advance, the prepayment, the season, the bank holiday weekends and so on.

After validating all information for each section, your car park will be visible once reviewed by our team for quality compliance. Usually, car parks are reviewed by our team over a period of 24-48 hours, but this may take a little longer during weekends or bank holidays.

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