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 Read about how we calculate the best estimate for an average price

In Mowiz we use data collected from our advertisers to calculate an average price.

For each direction, we use statistical functions to calculate a weighted average of the data around the area in search. In the process, we remove those singular data of extreme values that ​​may alter the average value.

We automatically use the nearest data to the address introduced, or we augment the sampling radius when there are not enough data in order to produce more reliable results. Why we do this? Check what is the reliability of our estimate price.

We will let you know when the reliability is very low because of lack of data. Remember that you can always check the price of postings around your area of ​​interest.

The size or maneuverability of parking spaces is not weighted. Usually these data entered by advertisers are very subjective. Secondly, places around the same area tend to have a similar size.

In general, you should expect that real prices are higher than the average estimation we provide for larger spaces and viceversa.

Please note that prices are based on postings. The actual value of the transaction is not known for Mowiz but usually there is a margin for discount on the published price.

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