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Outdoor Parking Pedro Car Málaga

Avda. Comandante García Morato, 56, Edificio Check Point , Local 1, 29004 Málaga, Spain

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Instructions to manage your reservation and park in the parking

When you make your booking you will receive IMMEDIATELY by e-mail the booking voucher with all the details of the car park: how to get there, GPS coordinates, location map, service instructions and telephone number of the car park.

Pay ONLINE for your booking.
Cancellation and 100% refund up to 1 hour before the start of the parking period. 
No refund for cancellations once the parking period has started.


1.- PARKING SERVICE: Pick up and drop off at Terminal 2 Express Car Park.
2.- PARKING WITH FREE TRANSFERS: Drive to the car park and we will transfer you to Terminal 2 on the OUTSIDE and RETURN.


a) On your OUTGOING journey, call 10 minutes before your departure on the telephone number provided in your booking.
The driver will be waiting for you in the Terminal 2 Express Car Park.
You will recognise the staff by their uniform with the company logo. Show your booking document.

b)  ON YOUR RETURN. Call on arrival at the telephone number provided on your booking.
Our staff will be waiting for you in the Terminal 2 Express Car Park.

a) On your OUTGOING journey, drive to our car park and we will take you to Terminal 2 by minibus free of charge. However, please allow 15 minutes from the time you arrive at the car park to your arrival at the airport terminal.

b) ON YOUR RETURN. Once you have collected your luggage, call us on the telephone number on your booking.
We will pick you up in 5 minutes on floor Nº2 - Departures Terminal Express Car Park (the stop is right next to the tobacconist's shop).


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